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The Land of Little Horses - A Brief History
(the originators of the FMHA Registry)
Written by and used with the permission of Dawne Smith (2013)

This little park has been in existence since 1971 when it was opened to the public by Stuart Erikson and Tony Garulo. These two gentlemen, merchant marines by trade, visited the Falabella Ranch in Buenos Aires, Argentina where they were first introduced to the tiny breed of horse bred down over generations by the Falabella family. They were so intriqued by the little equine that they imported 25 miniature horses from the Falabella Ranch to reside at the farm in scenic Adams County, Pennsylvania.

Of the original 25 inhabitants of the big red bank barn with Gettysburg Miniature Horse Farm lettered on it, one horse still remains alive and well today. BeeBee, a little black gelding with Arabian type features, will turn 43 in December of 2013. Although not in his prime, BeeBee is still very aware of his surroundings and maintains a hearty appetite. He now relies on a field companion, Mugsy, a full size donkey to get around his pasture. Gettysburg Miniature Horse Farm also was the original home of the Falabella Miniature Horse Registry before being turned over to Laurie Stevens of Toyland Miniature Horses.

Land of Little Horses Farm Park has gained fame over the years for a variety of achievements. One of the most fascinating events happened in the early 1980’s when Kristina, a little chestnut mare made park history by appearing on television. Not just any television program but a program that featured extraordinary talents of animals. “Those Amazing Animals” aired Kristina as the “Horse With the Human Brain” for her ability to solve simple math equations by pawing the answers with her hoof. The custom crate that was built as Kristina’s seat for her airplane flight to Hollywood, California is displayed in the Main Barn of Land of Little Horses today.

The Park has seen many changes over its 42 years in existence. Short presentations of the farm equine have grown into educational as well as entertaining performing animal shows featuring many different farm animal friends. Domesticated farm animals such as llama, alpaca, goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, pigs, turkeys and chickens are located throughout the park in pens and fields and eagerly greet the guests as they search for treats and beg for petting. The park also has a gift shop, snack bar, nature trail area, miniature western town with mining sluice to pan for gems, pony rides, and wagon rides all amidst a beautiful and relaxing country atmosphere.

Land of Little Horses
Imported in 1971 from Argentina

Dawne Smith
Land of Little Horses Farm Park